P H O T O G R A P H E R   D I R E C T O R


Rio Uribe has been redefining industry standards since he launched Gypsy Sport just seven years ago. Constantly proving that fashion deserves to be fully inclusive, Uribe has returned with his F/W ‘19 collection. It’s nothing short of all-encompassing—and we’re all about it.

With all models in full beauty looks—ranging from a dramatic smokey winged eyeshadow to hair extensions attached to bottom eyelashes—the collection already felt complete after makeup, but of course, it didn’t stop there.

Models fearlessly strutted down the catwalk wearing crochet ponchos with fur lining and matching thigh-highs, safety pin dresses and two-toned denim corsets. Each look couldn’t have been more different from the last, leaving us thinking that we can only define Gypsy Sport’s collection is by the limitless nature that's come to signify Rio's taste.

Text by Caroline Brown for OFFICE Magazine