P H O T O G R A P H E R   D I R E C T O R


For the Danish teen, the fluidity of gender isn’t something he just started understanding recently, on the contrary, he’s been using fashion to express his self since as young as he can remember. “I’ve always dressed very feminine,” he recollects. “I have pictures of me going to Kindergarten in skirts and Barbie shirts. The older I got, the more comfortable I would feel dressing the way I wanted to.” Tapping into that healthy perspective at an early age, his personal relationship with his identity unlocked the door to the creative fashion and beauty world. “I have always had a big interest in fashion,” he affirms. “I very early found out it was a way to express myself and how I feel. It’s a way for me to show the world who I am.”

When it comes to the runway, brands like Proenza Schouler, Prabal Gurung, and Coach have called upon the striking Dane this year to carry their collections with the necessary poise and he hasn’t missed a beat. “I enjoy working for brands I don’t expect to book someone gender fluid,” the teen tells Models.com. “It has been a pleasure working so much for Coach cause they are such an established American brand, which are usually some of the more conservative ones.” Likewise with beauty, Kaspersen’s philosophy stands solid and he can usually be seen via Instagram expressing himself with makeup. “There’s so many different kinds of beauty,” he interprets. “The more comfortable people are in their skin, the more beautiful we find them.” It’s no wonder beauty brands like Marc Jacobs Beauty and Pat McGrath Labs have included the model in their promotional rollouts. His biggest wish shows his wisdom beyond his years – he wants people to be comfortable wearing what they actually want and not because of it’s in the men or women’s section, a sentiment that certainly has gotten traction with the rise of agender or gender non-specific clothing. “I hope people will start seeing less gender and just people for who they are. We are all so much more than our sex.”